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I was reminded of the talk by Brene Brown and her research into vulnerability and shame again this week.  How many of you think of being vulnerable as weakness?  How many of you, when you see someone being truthful and authentic, are massively impressed?  When we feel it in ourselves we often feel the shame of vulnerability but in others we see it as courage.

A few months ago a colleague publicly stated their business goal to a group I am involved with.  It was a brave statement and a huge goal.   They asked the group for help to achieve it.  Today, that person shared that they have achieved their goal.  True, they have worked really hard to achieve the goal, that cannot be denied but it was also the connection with the group through their vulnerability, that I believe was a huge contributor to the help and support they received.  When we see others daring greatly we realise we are not the only ones who are scared, there is someone else who feels like me. When we see them achieve, we think maybe I can too.

Watch Brene Brown TED Talk on Vulnerability


Author: Reinvention With A Twist of Lemon

Reinvention With a Twist of Lemon is a collaboration between Elaine Copeland and Victoria Wilken. Rooted in their desire to create a safe, innovative and creative space for women to explore their authentic self, Elaine and Victoria combine their skill as an energy worker and a business psychologist to create workshops, on-going groups and one-to-one sessions.

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