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A change in perception

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On 18th May 1969 Apollo 10 was launched on a ‘dress rehearsal’ mission in preparation for the Apollo 11 moon landing.  It came to within 8.4 nautical miles of the lunar surface, the point at which the powered decent to the surface of the moon would begin.

This day in 1969 the astronauts on the Apollo 10 spacecraft saw the earth rise from the horizon of the moon.  It was the first time a human being had seen this sight and it changed their, and subsequently our, perception and view of our planet forever and for the future.  We will never be able to go back to our old perceptions.

This iconic image is now commonplace.  To many of the world’s population it is how they think of the Earth.  Indeed, I can’t remember how I thought about the Earth before I had seen this image.

Sometimes we need a shift in our perception, to see things from a different perspective, from the other side.  Once there it is hard, sometimes, to remember how it was before we had that shift.


Author: Reinvention With A Twist of Lemon

Reinvention With a Twist of Lemon is a collaboration between Elaine Copeland and Victoria Wilken. Rooted in their desire to create a safe, innovative and creative space for women to explore their authentic self, Elaine and Victoria combine their skill as an energy worker and a business psychologist to create workshops, on-going groups and one-to-one sessions.

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